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August 20, 2009


  Debt Managing

reate folders and set up rules and filters for your email so that it is automatically routed to the straight folder. For those that belong to several telecommunicate lists, forums, etc. this procedure is especially expedient. And if you're inactivity for an netmail from a particular client, you'll easily see when a new netmail has arrived in that computer's email folder

Diana D'Itri

Good info for inbound emails. I'd like to add that outbound emails or email marketing should not be overlooked when discussing email best practices.
A quarterly enewsletter can help generate business and at the very least, keep the firm top of mind.
There are some simple and inexpensive email marketing company's out there www.constantcontact.com or www.campaigner.com that for 10-30 dollars a month (depending on mailing list size) will allow your firm to "reach out and touch" clients and give them a simple vehicle with which to refer you to others.
My suggestion is to keep the enews simple, relevant and friendly.


Attorneys often 'check' email. If you are a hockey fan, 'checking' means impedeing progress towards the goal. It can mean many other things but typically isn't associated with an ACTION. Processing email is a skill which can be taught. A quick easy way to learn is to read the 15 page booklet called "The Ultimate Guide on How to Be Efficient at Email". It will be the best $10 you ever spent. And the author offers a free telephone consultation with the purchase of the booklet. Check it out at: http://efficiencyconsultants.com/order.html

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