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Allison C. Shields, Esq.
President, Legal Ease Consulting, Inc.

I work with successful lawyers and law firms to establish higher value practices by developing strategies to increase efficiency, effectiveness, growth, and profitability.

I help lawyers to create higher value practices by:

Identifying and focusing on the firm’s unique vision for the future and current mission, including the firm’s purpose, business, clients, and values

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the players involved and establishing an understanding of work and communication styles

Setting business and marketing goals based on the vision and mission

Creating written plans that position the firm to achieve its management and practice building goals

Focusing on higher value clients and assignments

Managing and reallocating resources, including human and intellectual resources, technology and time

Developing new systems that will make the practice of law more efficient and consistent

Increasing the quality of the client experience by spotlighting the client’s needs and the firm’s unique competitive advantages

Improving skills in leadership, delegation, effective meeting practices, internal and external communication

Clarifying and aligning the firm’s culture and objectives

Creating effective compensation systems that reflect the firm’s culture and values

Streamlining financial and administrative systems for more accuracy and consistency and reduced costs

Some of the services I provide include:

Individual Coaching
Assessments and Surveys
Procedure and Systems Analysis and Creation
Business Planning and Business Development
Productivity and Workflow Management
LinkedIn and social media training

I also do workshops for law firms, bar associations and other lawyer's groups on topics including: time management, productivity, legal marketing basics, law firm operations, billing practices and billing alternatives, social media, lawyer websites, targeting your ideal clients, and other practice management and business development issues.

I was a practicing lawyer for 15 years before starting Legal Ease Consulting, Inc., most recently as the Administrative Partner at a multi-disciplinary law firm with offices on Long Island and in Manhattan that employs over 50 attorneys.

As a result of my experience as both a lawyer and a law firm manager, I understand the law firm environment and the daily pressures faced by lawyers trying to manage and build their business while practicing law and successfully serving their clients.

I am a graduate of Dickinson College and Fordham University School of Law, where I was an editor of the Fordham Urban Law Journal.

I am a member of several bar associations and have published articles on both substantive legal issues and practice management issues. I am a current columnist for Law Practice magazine, published by the American Bar Association's Law Practice Division, writing the Simple Steps column. I am the co-author of "How to Do More In Less Time: The Complete Guide to Increasing Your Productivity and Improving Your Bottom Line, LinkedIn in One Hour for Lawyers and Facebook in One Hour for Lawyers. I have also been an active member of the Executive Women’s Golf Association.

Contact me at:

[email protected]

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