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August 15, 2006



Great post! A number of attorneys I know have thought of marketing in similar ways only to discover they don't have any hobbies/passions that are so ripe for publicity. Not too many fund raising oppty's for stamp collectors if you get my drift.

But all of us (hopefully) have a passion for helping people - so even if you can't swim across the L.I.S., I'd encourage everyone reading this to think about how you can make it rain for your firm simply by doing what the best rainmakers have always done: Become known as a person of integrity in your community who others know they can turn to for help as a trusted advisor, not just for your technical skills as a lawyer.


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Emmy Irobi


I wish to thank you for this article. It has really touched me as new mediator in Poland trying to over come many obstacles on way to successully building a mediation center in my community. Please write more and we shall appreciate tapping from your abundance of resources and experience.

Remain Blessed.

Emmy Irobi
Mediator based in Poland

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