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June 19, 2007


Susan Cartier Liebel

Connecticut's rules going into effect July 1 are just as stifling. Imagine. You are a former prosecutor, judge or policeman, for example. Be careful how you use these words in your advertising in the event they lead your potential client to believe you may have an 'inside track' and they hire you for this perception. Yet, in the same breath we are told the best advertising is that which just 'lists the facts." Which facts?
In addtion, Connecticut has now lumped blogs in with websites by claiming if you have a URL, it's covered. This is all the more disturbing because the average lawyer doesn't seem to understand what she is losing by her lack of knowledge about the power of blogging to promote her business yet she is acquiescing due to this ignorance. So, you ask a great question. How IS one supposed to differentiate themselves, position themselves as the only solution, create that relationship with their client through their marketing message if they can't express themselves in a way that isn't 'stereotypical' and quite often off-putting?

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