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March 31, 2010


Lyla Burns

My husband is a business owner and he loves to go to conferences every year like you do. The conferences are what helped him to use outsourced bookkeeping services. http://www.ignitespot.com/ It was one of the best thing he has done for his company.

Allison C. Shields

Of course lawyers need to work hard, focus on their clients' interests and conduct themselves with integrity and dignity. Those are non-negotiables that should be expected of every lawyer, in every law firm. But the Ignite Law event was not meant to be a discussion of the basics that all lawyers must follow - it was meant to be a discussion of the future of the practice, of innovation and technology.

While some in the audience (both the 'virtual' audience viewing only the online videos and the actual audience present at the event) may have been familiar with some of the concepts or practices discussed by the presenters, many of the concepts or practices presented are not widely accepted or implemented by lawyers, and bore repeating.

Douglas Sorocco

Thanks Allison! My consultant comment was a bit tongue in cheek for Homann's benefit. I know our firm has worked with some incredible folks - some like LindaHazelton have become very dear friends.

So - take it with a grain of salt - I was second to the last and my job was to play warmup (and wake everyone up) for Ernie - the main act.

Thanks again for the mention!

Fergus O'Rourke

Have you any reaction to Scott Greenfield's rather different "take" on the event at http://short.ie/huck ?


Zappos is the ne plus ultra for customer service. Great link.

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