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March 26, 2013


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A lawyer's hourly rate is usually standard and reflects the lawyer's experience and reputation. The number of hours expended on any given matter is a product of the amount in controversy, the contentious nature of the matter, and complexity of the matter. That's what I believe.

Tony Mullen

Well as someone in the legal bill review business I LOVE these types of discussions and articles. Most of leading legal bill review firms advertise that they typically reduce invoices 8-15%. Fact is that is letting firms off easy in many cases. And given how we have grown I would say there is a strong sense that law firms need to be watched and scrutinized otherwise just give them your checkbook.


My goodness, I can't believe that an attorney would be careless enough to talk about possible fraud in an email.

Karen Dunn Skinner

You're absolutely right, Allison. Nothing will change until firms drop the billable hour quotas and find new ways to value their partners and associates. If you pay people for time, all you get is time. When a firm pays and promotes based on hours alone, then no one has any incentive to improve. We run into this issue all the time with lawyers we work with.
And lawyers who do bill on a flat fee basis, but work within a traditional firm, are hit by a serious conundrum. Their flat fee work incentivizes them to work quickly and efficiently, but then they consistently miss their billable hour targets. They may have happy clients, but they cannot progress in their careers. It is time for a change.

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