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April 30, 2014


Allison C. Shields


The ability of other members of a Group to flag inappropriate posts has been a feature of LinkedIn Groups for a while; that is not what is new, and I think it makes sense for Group members to be able to signal to a moderator that they think a post is objectionable. What is new is that members may be subject to moderation across multiple Groups as a result of repeated bad behavior. I doubt that this rises to the level of any member being able to block any other member from expressing their opinion by repeatedly flagging that person's posts. If the moderator sees that posts are being flagged inappropriately, they can take action against that member. It is still incumbent upon moderators to monitor their Groups.


It's an incredibly bad idea. What it means is that any member (especially in those groups with little moderation) can prevent any othjer member from expressing their point of view in nay group, by repeatedly flagging their posts whether their anything wrong with them or not. Leave it to moderators to flag posts and police their members.

Peggy Gruenke

Allison - this is a great new addition for groups. I'll be curious to see it in action in some of the groups I monitor. Now I don't have to be the bad guy and tell them it is inappropriate!

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